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        Vancouver's climate is unusually temperate by Canadian standards; it is the second warmest major city in Canada during the winter, which explains why it is ranked as the second most desirable climate in Canada; however, Vancouver can be an expensive city, as housing prices are the highest in Canada.

        Vancouver is Canada's largest port and one of North America's major gateways for Pan-Pacific trade. The Port of Vancouver ranks first in North America in total foreign exports and also first on the West Coast in total cargo volume.

        As a major centre for the global forestry industry, Vancouver is host to many international forestry conferences and events, and the natural home of the massive BC forestry business. Companies such as Canfor and West Fraser Timber Co., the second and third largest lumber producers in the world, are headquartered in Vancouver.

        Vancouver is also a major centre for the mining industry, with the former Vancouver Stock Exchange (now absorbed into the TSX Venture Exchange) notable as the largest market in the world for venture capital in small to medium sized mining ventures.

        Vancouver is served by Vancouver International Airport, located on Sea Island in the City of Richmond, immediately south of Vancouver. The airport (YVR) the second busiest in nation and one of the busiest international airports on the West Coast.

        What makes Vancouver British Columbia so special?

        Perhaps Vancouver’s most exciting asset, however, is the lifestyle it offers. In Vancouver, your employees and their families will find communities, attractions, and a quality of life that will keep them happy and productive.

        For more information about Vancouver British Columbia, check out the links we've provided for you. These organizations are eager to tell you what's great about their "home".


        Vancouver is a Canadian city in the province of British Columbia. It is the largest metropolitan centre in western Canada and third largest in Canada.

        Vancouver is internationally renowned for preserving its natural beauty within the metropolis. Vancouver is home to one of North America's largest urban parks, Stanley Park.

        The city has all the urban amenities of a major city, as well as easy access to the Pacific Ocean and the mountains of the Pacific Coast Range.

        Real estate is largely limited by the surrounding mountains and water. The North Shore mountains dominate the city landscape, and on a clear day many scenic views are visible: the dormant snow-capped volcano Mount Baker in the State of Washington to the southeast; Vancouver Island across the Strait of Georgia to the west and southwest, and the Sunshine Coast to the northwest.

        Breathtaking views can be seen from many locations in and around the city, leaving the city with the title often given by travel magazines, "Most Beautiful City In The World".

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