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Korean Overseas Information Service
Democratic Peoples Republic - North Korea
Republic of South Korea - eGOV
Office of the President, Repulic of Korea
City of Seoul
The Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry - Seoul
Korea National Statistical Office
Seoul Public Library
Korea University Museum
Seoul National University
University of Seoul
Seoul Symphony Orchestra
The Seoul Daily News
The Seoul Times
The Korea Herald
Seoul Kimpo Airport

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      There is a large number of universities in Seoul. Seoul National University is considered the country's most prestigious university and is highly sought after.

      Seoul is also linked to several other major South Korean cities by the KTX bullet train, Asia's fastest high-speed train, making commuting between cities extremely convenient for commuters and domestic tourists.

      Seoul belongs to the Temperate Zone featuring four distinctive seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The yearly average temperature of Seoul is 12.2 degrees Celsius. Temperatures in Seoul show large seasonal variation, reaching as high as 38.4 degrees Celsius in the summer and dropping as low as minus 19.2 degrees Celsius in the winter. Influenced by the North Pacific high-pressure system, Seoul has hot and humid summers with average temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius from June through September.

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      Seoul is the capital of South Korea and is one of the most populous cities in the world, located in the northwestern part of the country on the Han River.

      Seoul is located in the northwest of the country, south of the DMZ, on the Han River. The city is the political, cultural, social and economical centre of South Korea.

      Its density has allowed it to become one of the most digitally-wired cities in today's globally connected economy. It is also an international centre for business, finance, multinational corporations, and global organizations. This, along with its position as the capital of one of the world's largest economies, has continued to raise its global status. Today, it is one of the most visible symbols of the Korean economic Miracle of the Han River.

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