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        Devastated by the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, the city was quickly rebuilt. The phoenix on the city's flag represents San Francisco's "rebirth" from the ashes of the fire that resulted from the quake. Long enjoying a bohemian reputation the city became a counterculture magnet in the second half of the 20th century. It was a center of the dot-com boom and explosive growth of the Internet at the end of the century.

        Because of the California gold rush, San Francisco became and remains the banking and financial center of the U.S. West Coast. It is the home of the twelfth district of the U.S. Federal Reserve as well as major production facilities for the U.S. Mint. The Pacific Exchange, a regional stock exchange, is located in the financial district. Many major American and international banks and venture capital firms have all set up their regional headquarters in the city.

        San Francisco is both a city and a county, and is the only one of California's 58 counties to possess that distinction. It is governed by a mayor, who runs the executive branch of the city, and a Board of Supervisors, which comprises the legislative branch.

        San Francisco landmarks including the San Francisco cable car system and the Golden Gate Bridge are recognized worldwide.

        San Francisco is famous for its hills and the streets which run straight up and down them. Three of San Francisco's notable hill neighborhoods are Nob Hill, Russian Hill, and Telegraph Hill, all located near Downtown.

        Surrounded on three sides by water, San Francisco's climate is strongly influenced by the cool currents of the Pacific Ocean. The weather is remarkably mild all year round, with a so-called Mediterranean climate characterized by cool, foggy summers and relatively warm winters; average daily high temperatures in the summer typically range from 15 -22 degrees Celsius (the upper 60s to mid 70s Fahrenheit), while in the winter it virtually never reaches freezing. Rain in the summer is extremely rare, but winters can often be very rainy. Snow is virtually unheard of. The Pacific Ocean off the west coast of the city is particularly cold year round. The combination of cold ocean water and the high heat of the California mainland mean that San Francisco's western half is often shrouded in fog during the months of July and August. Thus, the summer temperatures are significantly lower in San Francisco than in other parts of inland California. The fog is less pronounced during the month of September, which is generally the warmest, most summer-like month of the year.


        What makes San Francisco California so special?

        Surrounded on three sides by the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay, San Francisco's compact 46 square miles crowd the tip of the San Francisco Peninsula.

        San Francisco Bay, a 500-square-mile cleft in the California coastline, has a split personality. It is both a major center for water-borne commerce and a delightful excuse to just go play.

        The City and County of San Francisco (2004 estimated population 744,230) is the fourth-largest city in the state of California, United States, in terms of population. It is a consolidated city-county (the only one in California) situated at the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula that forms San Francisco Bay. The city also includes several islands in the bay and the Farallon Islands 27 miles offshore in the Pacific Ocean.

        The city is a focal point of the San Francisco Bay Area, and part of the greater San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland Combined Statistical Area (CSA), whose population is over 7 million. U.S. census data show that San Francisco has the highest population density of any major U.S. city aside from New York City.

        Perhaps San Francisco?s most exciting asset, however, is the lifestyle it offers. In San Francisco, your employees and their families will find communities, attractions, and a quality of life that will keep them happy and productive.

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