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State of Massachusetts
City of Boston
Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce
Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau
Boston Library
Boston Athenaeum Oldest independent library in the U.S.
Boston Public Schools
Boston College
Boston University
Brandeis University
Harvard Business School
Harvard College
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
New England Conservatory of Music
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
Boston Center for the Arts
Boston Museum of Fine Arts
New England Aquarium
Boston Globe
Boston Herald
Boston History & Architecture
Logan International Airport

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        The Greater Boston region is a unique mix of historic culture and modern change. A vibrant and diverse business sector, prestigious colleges and universities, unrivaled hospitals, world-renowned museums, rich history, and close proximity to the beaches of Cape Cod and the White and Green Mountains, are just some of the characteristics that define Greater Boston.

        Boston is the capital and the largest city in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United States. It is the unofficial capital of the region known as New England as well as one of the oldest and wealthiest cities in the United States, with an economy based on education, health care, finance, and high technology.

        Boston's colleges and universities have a major impact on the city and region's economy. Not only are they major employers, but they also attract high-tech industries to the city and surrounding region, including computer hardware and software companies as well as biotechnology companies.

        Boston is well known for its colleges and universities, with the greater Boston area's being the home to over 100 colleges and the Boston Public School System is the oldest public school system in the U.S.


        What makes Boston Massachusetts so special?

        Perhaps Boston?s most exciting asset, however, is the lifestyle it offers. In Boston, your employees and their families will find communities, attractions, and a quality of life that will keep them happy and productive.

        For more information about Boston Massachusetts, check out the links we've provided for you. These organizations are eager to tell you what's great about their "home".

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