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It's interesting to note that of the world's most populous cities, London ranks 20th in the list with over 7,000,000 and no US city ranks in the top 20.

Cities throughout the world are our population centers. They provide us with our entertainment, our culture, our business sojourns. Every city has its own "identity" and we have only "touched" lightly on these identities in the preparation of our city pages. We want to invite you to visit our city page directories where we hope you will find entertainment, items of interest and most importantly, the executive suites and office business centers who can help you to expand, grow and develop your companies and are a very productive and cost alternative to commercial real estate and conventional office space.

We were so excited when we decided to expand Esuite to include City Page Directories because it meant "revisiting" each of these cities in an effort to give you just a glimmer and a highlight of what makes them so special. In our limited space, we are unable to capture the wonder and often the grandeur of each, but hope to give you an "invitation" to explore and hopefully to visit them in person. If you do not see your favorite city among them, please check back, we have many more we are working to include.

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