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What is a Workspace?

For one monthly fee (and no capital investment), individuals, professionals, small entrepreneurs, corporate and Fortune 500 companies are able to enjoy a professional corporate environment, appreciated by their employees and clients alike. Flexibility is another attribute of the workspace environment, ideal for networking, occupancy on demand or flexed, and access to the cloud and secure technologies onsite. There are several large networks, such as the Executive Suite Network, that in addition to providing placement assistance for workspaces, also provide single point of contact, allowing the companies to negotiate master agreement to serve their multi-location requirements.

Our neighbors in the UK refer to their centres as serviced offices as a part of the business center collective, however, they too are including flexible workspace as a part of their offerings to support business growth expansion and sustainability. For more information on the UK industry, we refer you to an excellent article on their member service site at

Since the Executive Suites have been used as the designated term for many years (from the beginning), many users still prefer, as do many center owners to retain and use executive suite.

As technology changes so do opportuntities to provide service to a vastly different workplace environment than a previous generation.

Short, versatile business service arrangements

Your workspace can be managed as you need it, depending on location for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or annually fees. Premium locations require longer commitments for their workspaces. Some locations also offer a business identity programs which can include mail handling services, business address, telephone secretary, and conference / training/ video facilities.

No capital investment

There is no need to buy or lease office equipment, reception area and conference room furniture, or kitchen and work area furnishings.

Control of operating costs

Workspaces enable planning and budgeting long and short term, including the major advantage of having access to premium technology on an industrial scale, rather than a home system. As the technology changes, the upgrades and maintenance are provided ongoing at your center. The need to provide for licensing fees and the upgrae expense is removed from the budget equation.

Higher productivity of your people

By leaving the operation of your office to a staff of trained professionals, your personnel can concentrate on managing and marketing your business.

Convenience, comfort, control of operating costs and a trained staff with a be-of-service attitude available today! That's an executive suite/office business centre and Esuite, in cooperation with its partners and affiliates, serve over 3,500 locations worldwide and are prepared to assist you with your occupancy requirements nearly anywhere in the world.

Please feel free to contact us directly on our toll free number 1-800-889-3692 or email us at

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