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What is a Virtual Office?

The Virtual Office has been known for many years by several different terms in the business community, most commonly they have been referred to as Business Identities and Corporate Identities. These programs have been provided by the Executive Suite and Office Business Center industry in response to requests to provide a professional presence in a commercial environment. Generally these programs offer a mailing address, several hours of private office or conference room use per month, telephone answering, and courier and concierge services.

Most of the businesses that offer executive suite and office business center services also offer a Virtual Office program. One of the major advantages to their programs is that they are fully staffed and equipped to provide flexibilty and are able to adapt to a business' changing model. For example, the individual who wants to have a more professional appearance and the option to meet away from their home would opt for a "virtual office" thus enabling them the convenience, safety and security of meeting at a building location. Once this individual's business expands, the center can generally accomodate this growth, and the company does not need to change its mailing address, or telephone number, but may remain firmly established where it began.

Having a stable image is essential to many businesses and the executive suite industry provides just such support.

Convenience, comfort, control of operating costs and a trained staff with a be-of-service attitude available today! That's an executive suite/office business centre or virtual office and Esuite, in cooperation with its partners and affiliates, serve over 3,500 locations worldwide and are prepared to assist you with your occupancy requirements nearly anywhere in the world.

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