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Using Zip Code Maps

Esuite provides the user with the ability to use a zip code search. One major advantage to this type of search is that it enables the user to search regions and areas, not limited by the name of the city or metropolitan area. This is particularly useful if you are new to an area.

Simply select the map of your choice, identify the area, using the 3-digit primary zip code sequence, and then enter that into the form area for "zip code". The search engine will deliver results without your having to use a full zip code. Return to zip code maps.

For more information on the use of search filters or search criteria, please read our articles entitled, Using Search Filters for Fast, Intelligent Screening, and Using Search Criteria for Effective Results.

Using search filters, you can quickly determine if a center meeting your technology requirements is available in your desired geographic area. For best results, we suggest that you use the broadest geographic criteria, when you use the technology filters. you may screen for certain locations, such as a "metropolitan" area. To return to search.

For more information on using the search criteria for a geographic search, please read the article on Using Search Criteria for Effective Results.

In addition to the geographic search, you may also do a selective search by using zip codes. For your added convenience, we have included 50 state zip code maps and many metropolitan areas for your reference.

Your results will display in a listing format, with links provided for each center. If the center has opted to provide you with expanded listing information, you may contact them directly using the provided information.

We appreciate your using Esuite and helping make us number one on the internet. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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